As Detroit moves toward revitalization, we must ask difficult questions:

Will economic progress will be shared equally?

Who has access to resources?

Is the playing field level?



A Citizen’s Guide To Real Estate Investment is a program to educate members of the Detroit community about the fundamentals of homeownership and real estate entrepreneurship. The project seeks to stabilize Detroit’s neighborhoods by offering free workshops to Detroit residents. The program will offer citizen-driven solutions to mitigate the current Tax Foreclosure crisis facing Detroit, which affects over 100,000 of the city’s residents. 

A Citizen’s Guide To Real Estate Investment addresses issues of gentrification and social inequities of Detroit as the city emerges from its recent bankruptcy. The project makes visible the forces that drive real estate speculation and investment methodologies from historic to contemporary practices. The project focuses on citizen-driven revitalization, and proposes new strategies for residents to strengthen their communities and neighborhoods while building wealth through real estate entrepreneurship. Using free classroom workshops, podcasts, videos, and a guidebook, we hope to empower residents of marginalized communities with the tools and resources needed to participate competitively in their own neighborhood revitalization.